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3 Poems by Daniel Atu


Sacrifices made to keep the ship going
Forces crawl up against its flow
Powers could not stop it moving!
What an enviable ship that glow

Suddenly, a captain rages with no reason
Members on board plea for peace
Explanation withheld, this is treason!
For a captain to stab another captain

The ship is left for no one to maintain and control
“Laughter of betrayal” becomes its motto
All sacrifices made are brought to ruins!
“The ship sinks” is replaced as its logo

Strangers rejoice; a once prosperous ship is wrecked and plain
Not by an outside enemy but by its captain.


“Go well my child’ is what is heard by her son
Grow in wisdom and knowledge like King Solomon
Overcome your difficulties with hope; not fear
Success and breakthrough are seen as they draw near
Resources must be pooled to make him excel amongst kings
Ages past; mother’s love never fades

It’s time to pay back; breaking through impossibilities
Prayers and energy convene through work and talents
It seems what was planned is no longer achievable
Mother’s upbringing against making wealth becomes ineducable
For within  his family, he must bring the lost family glory

Making it clean against spilling blood becomes blurry
Demanding family needs rise; wailing and striving increases
Evil communication rises; integrity mourns and decreases
Welcome to the world of power after many years
Paying tithes that are not expensive he fears; gloomy saddle
Mother’s needs and nothing more become the price

No joy afterward he becomes weary, he’s losing sense
The pursuit to become a king becomes undefined and sunless
Comfortability was replaced by an untamed desire for power
Vanity upon vanity; he loses everything including his mother
Abide by the right principles he finally preaches.


Memories are monuments
Built-in our minds
I have many
Yet how the pictures
Became blurry is a mystery
What went wrong?
Life indeed is full of uncertainties
Howbeit! Christ is my anchor
On Him, I build my trust
Till the end of time!

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