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Wired Organ Of Christ, 2 Other Poems by Daniel Atu

Poem – Heaven The Aim

Have I been suffering from self-condemnation?
Could it be that there is no longer faith?
Who will hear me out?
Who will believe that I’m facing an odds moment?
I didn’t know when I became a reflection
Of what I never envisaged!
A soldier who the world despises
Nonetheless! The cross I must carry
For how else can I tell of God’s love?
Surely, all is a journey; heaven is the aim!

Poem – Wired Organ Of Christ

Shout out to Pastor Chinonso
The only man who chastises with love
I’m searching for the perfect tone
To ring out loud his care for one
What a beautiful heart of purified gold
The wired organ of Christ on earth
May your days be filled with vision-fulfilled
Thank you for never giving up on Atu
On my knees may I not faint to intercede
For you! The beam of true followership.

Poem- Shortened Time

Tonight is the outpouring of the stripes of the soul
For the time is short and the battle is getting fierce
The Army Of Christ versus the hordes of darkness
No fainting of the heart should occur for the saint!
For the moments are worth the efforts
With love; victory is assured.
Oh! May the Saints forget not the secret place
Oh! May the announcement of Christ coming
Reach the ends of the earth for the poor sinful soul
To receive salvation; prevailing till the day after forever!

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