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Billionaire’s Secrets: Your Ticket To Financial Freedom by Marvellous Imhangui


Book TItle: Billionaire’s Secrets
Tag line: Your Ticket To Financial Freedom
Author’s Name: Marvellous Imhangui
ISBN: 978-978-58982-3-1
Year of Publication: 2021

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Creating wealth or earning money in great proportion is not meant for a selected few or a function of location or race. Billionaire’s Secret shows the reader through stories of some billionaires across almost all the continents of the world, that anywhere you are in the world, you can be a billionaire.

Billionaire’s Secret is a unique book that explains how ANYONE can achieve greatness and also contribute to the well being of humanity.

The simplicity and skill employed by the writer in explaining secrets and principles of billionaires in this book is not only remarkable and eye-opening but also commendable.

Behind every successful man lies a proportion of daily habits and high level of focus required for success. Hence this book has been able to reveal in clearer terms that ANYONE can be a billionaire if he so desire to be wealthy.


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