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Guilty Pleasure: Overcoming Masturbation by Chikelu Collins Okwuchukwu


Book Title: Guilty Pleasure
Tag line: Overcoming Masturbation
Author’s Name: Chikelu Collins Okwuchukwu
Year of Publication: 2023
Published on: Selar


“Guilty Pleasure”┬áis a powerful E-Book designed to help individuals who are struggling with the challenging habit of masturbation.

The book is an answer to prayer for millions of teenagers, youths, and adults around the world. It examines common misconceptions teens, youths, and adults face when it comes to masturbation and reveals why so many people are overpowered by the act.

You will discover scientific, philosophical, religious, and practical steps that if followed will reduce much of the heartache, struggle, and tension you have endured as a result of the practice.

This book creates an environment in which it would be impossible to fail in overcoming masturbation once read. The pen loses none of its enthusiasm, power, and burning challenge.

This powerful study is the result of years of experience and research by the author in dealing with youths and teens as a voluntary counselor as regards this practice.

In this no-nonsense book, Collins Chikelu provides the reader with an insightful look into the dos and don’ts and the why’s and hows of masturbation.

These powerful truths are not just a quick-fix formula for getting over the act; they are solid, practical steps God has used the author to provide for you to walk in victory and take charge of your life.


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