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How Blockchain Is Solving Real Life African Problems by Hakeem Disu & Adeshina Ajayi


Book Title: How Blockchain Is Solving Real Life African Problems
Author’s Name: Hakeem Disu & Adeshina Ajayi
Year of Publication: 2023
Also available on: Amazon (Kindle & Print), Kobo Books, Google Play Books, Selar.


This book, “How Blockchain is Solving Real Life African Problems,” explores the application of blockchain technology in addressing the unique challenges faced by the African continent. It delves into the potential of blockchain to provide innovative solutions that can overcome obstacles and unlock new opportunities for growth, development, and empowerment.

Africa, with its vast diversity, rich resources, and vibrant cultures, holds incredible promise. However, it also confronts a range of complex and interconnected problems that hinder progress and impede inclusive development. From issues related to governance, corruption, election to financial inclusion, supply chain management, and identity verification, the African continent faces a multitude of challenges that require innovative approaches.

This book provide the readers with a practically oriented write ups that is not only informative but highly educative too , blockchain decentralized nature, immutability, and transparency, can offer practical solutions to real-life problems in Africa. Through a collection of case studies, expert insights, and thought-provoking analysis, we explore how blockchain is already being leveraged to tackle these challenges head-on.


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