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Make What Customers Want by Emmanuel Smart


Book Title: Make What Customers Want
Tagline: Create Global Brands
Author’s Name: Emmanuel Smart
Year of Publication: 2023
Published on: Amazon (Kindle & Print)


From product research, design, manufacturing, sales and marketing, businesses spend thousands of hours and billions of dollars creating and launching new products so it’s heart breaking to see customers totally unimpressed with these products. Worse still, time, energy and money invested in this effort seem like a waste when the product fails.

What’s the secret to creating a hit product? What is the reliable formula that can be used every time, anywhere in the world by any business? The truth is there is a reliable formula that can be used by any business from aviation to pharmaceuticals. It can be used by governments, big business and start ups. It can be used anywhere in the world, from Tokyo to Dallas. It has worked across the world. It has helped corporations and individuals generate trillions of dollars across continents.

This time tested formula has worked in Africa, it has worked in North America, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world. Interestingly, it is an open secret. The secret formula for product success is MAKING WHAT CUSTOMERS WANT. It works every time. This book takes readers on the “make what customers want” journey.

Companies that have focus on creating what their target customers want always get rewarded generously by customers.


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