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Silent Pa(r)th: A Funminiyi Anthology


Book Title: Silent Pa(r)th
Author’s Name: A Funminiyi Anthology
Year of Publication: 2024
Published on: ACEworld Bookstore

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This edition of Funminiyi Anthology aims to reawaken the sleeping poets and reveal the loneliness on the path of living this art. Thirty-two poems were received, and selecting the 12 sterling poems in this anthology was arduous.

The low number (the lowest since 2017) further verified the silent claim. Why have you forsaken your first art? Are you today’s Judas Iscariot betraying the gospel of poetry?

Silent Pa(r)th is a missive to the silent poets. Remember, the art chooses you. I hope this anthology becomes a word breaking your walls of silence.

Sit back and enjoy these 12 cups of sterling poems!


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