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Sprinkles at the Horizon by Chijioke Victor, Peter Spark & John Chanda


Book TItle: Sprinkles at the Horizon
Author’s Name: Chijioke Victor, Peter Spark & John Chanda
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
Year of Publication: 2021

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Orji Peter Oluebube also known as Peter Spark Jackson, Chijioke Victor, and Chanda John, three prolific writers have combined their talents to produce this amazing book.

Orji Peter Oluebube is also known as Peter Spark Jackson and is an award-winning Nigerian poet. He is a biochemistry student who loves to write poetry. Several of his poems are featured in national and international magazines.

Chanda John is an award-winning student and author from Zambia. He is the Founder of Inked with Magic, a global poetic platform, the Founder of Genius academy St., an educational online learning platform, and Founder of Ed Student shop.

Chijioke Okali Victor is a poet and fiction writer from the Enugu State and is the author of the book, Broken Body. His poems have featured in both national, international magazines, and anthologies.

The diverse poems in ‘Sprinkles at the Horizon’ give an insight into life in Africa, love, the realities of life such as imbalance, human cruelty, imperfection, injustice, ignorance, while some deal with violence against women. There are also some motivational poems.


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