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Unashamed by Bisola Bada


Book Title: Unashamed
Author’s Name: Bisola Bada
Year of Publication: 2022
Also available on: Amazon, Okadabooks

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Many times, women, the feminine face of God, are treated as second class citizens. Pressed down by the masculinity of their fellow human, they lose themselves and become scared of their own identity.

This poetry collection explores subtle metaphors and vivid images to present, against the norm, glory of the female gender.

The society tells a woman the kind of body she should wear—body shaming. On the contrary, a bold woman stands before a mirror and praises her own body. the river is without shame/so am I with my skin/soft & striking. She unlearns the oppression of patriarchy and learns and relearns that as a royal majesty, she is a garden springing/against/the will of autumn.

As against the conventional notion that the female gender is so fragile their voices are vulnerable to subjection, the woman’s strength exists/in weakness. It is no crime when a woman seeks equality in the human world—she is human, too, after all.

End note: in a planet where living is dominant, all greens are green/ & no green is/a better green


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