International Standard Book Number

Are you an author or a publisher in need of ISBNs for forthcoming book projects? ACEworld Publishers is ready to assist you in the processing, officially from the National Library of Nigeria.

Lets assist with your ISBN Issuance

What you need to know...

Prices are subject to change almost every time due to processing challenges, so it’s quite impossible to say an exact price. Contact us to know the exact price at the moment. However, there is a discount for clients issuing more than one number at a time.

We process the number(s) with the author and book/manuscript details directly from the National Library of Nigeria with valid documents and neccesary payments.

Exact timeline differs due to situations at the time and pending requests. However, you will be notified and provided with your number(s) as soon as they are released by the National Library. In most cases, this is within 1 to 2 weeks.

While the requirements may differ depending on the situation, below are the key requirements:

  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Full name (as it appears on the book)
  • Title of the book/manuscript

Any further requirement will be discussed after booking.

Barcodes are one of our add-on services. They do not come with the numbers by default. However, you can book them separately.

Does my book need an ISBN?


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