7 ways to increase visibility for your online business

7 ways to increase visibility for your online business

Online businesses are reliant on how often they are seen by consumers. Before sales would occur, there is a need for the consumers to see what the business has to offer and know if they attune with the desires of the consumer.

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No one banks on a business without knowing what the business has to offer. We have compiled 7 effective ways to make your online business more visible:

1. Create SEO-generated content: Content sells a business more than most marketing tools do. Optimizing your website or business page allows consumers easier access to a range of services or products offered by you.

You can create different post titles centered on your keywords while still creating an engaging post that captivates the audience. A call to action would also help to direct viewers to your page.

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2. Work on your page loading speed: Nothing could be more frustrating than trying to seal a deal or procure an item but it is being stalled by the slow loading speed of a website.

People would consider less of a website with a slow loading speed when making a return purchase than a faster one, especially if they are used to fast internet services.

Working on your internet speed also helps your SEO and search engine ranking drawing in more or less organic visitors to your business page.

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3. Make your business mobile-friendly: In an age where most people are moving away from sitting in front of their desks typing away on a desktop or spending hours with a laptop, to spending a lot of time on mobile gadgets, there is a need for businesses to tailor their websites or pages to suit the frame of mobile gadgets.

It would ensure that it is easy to use, and people can use your business on the go. Taking measures to understand web designing would allow you to know how to maintain an optimal website while still purchasing consumers your number one priority.

4. Social Media Optimisation: 6% of the world population uses social media. About 2 hours and 25 minutes is spent daily on social media.

This simply means there is ample time and sufficient audience for you to show your business. As an online business, you should take advantage of this and put your business in people’s face.

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Regular engagement on posts and putting up yours daily will also help. Running paid apps on social media platforms is also a good idea. A good social media strategist can help you achieve this.

5. Online PR: Your image online matters as much as your image offline. Engaging with customers on your social media page will make them want to continue doing business with you.

Also, research has shown that prompt reply would often not result in a returning consumer. You can schedule posts so as to have them automatically posted on your social media when busy.

6. Influencer Marketing: Working with influencers is a great way to get your products out there quickly. Their large followership will get to see what you offer and likely hook onto it.

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Influencer marketing also brings about trust with people claiming that products are often bought on recommendation from influencers.

7. Storied Ads: Using the story features of most social media platforms is a great way to ensure that people get to see your products. People are more likely to view stories of unknown brands than read their posts.

Stories should be catchy and able to sell the services or products to the customer within a short time.


Online visibility is a wonderful way to ensure that your products are being sold or services are used. Applying relevant methods like those stated above will likely result in upward trajectory in the visibility of your business.

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