A 15-year-old student who begged for school fees on the streets receives a scholarship for N168,000.

Mellan Njeri, a young girl who was seen walking through the streets of Nairobi with a banner demanding assistance with fees, has gotten assistance from well-wishers.

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The assistance arrived just one day after Mellan’s images went viral.

Mellan Njeri was observed in a school uniform on the streets of Nairobi pleading for money with her school tuition, as we previously reported.

Njeri, dressed in full school uniform, walked from one street to the next, attempting to raise the KSh 29,000 in school fees she needed in order to return to school.

Njeri is a Form Two student at Murang’a County’s Kihumbu-ini Secondary School.
Her efforts, however, had not yielded much as of yesterday afternoon, as she had only raised KSh 500. (N1,871.56).

All of that, however, is behind her now, as well-wishers led by philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro have banded together to help the girl.

The philanthropist disclosed on his Facebook page that he has received cash to help settle the balance so that the girl can sit for her forthcoming exams without worry.

He revealed that he had received KSh 30,000 (N112,293.65) from one Dave Kim Kioko, which was sufficient to clear the debts.

We’ve also received KSh 10,000 (N37,431.22) from a diaspora buddy for the same, and another friend gave KSh 5,000 (N18,715.61),” he said.

The good news doesn’t stop there: the Affecto family has pledged to see that the brave girl graduates from high school.

According to him, it’s a voyage of friendship and faith that will hopefully result in a different story for Melanie, her mother, and her younger siblings.

“I hope her sorrows transform into joyful tears one day.”

Because she will rise beyond the humiliation of poverty. Please take good care of our champ, Kihumbu-ini Girls,” he insisted.

Senator Millicent Omanga, who had been nominated, had previously showed interest in seeing the youngster and assisting her.

If you have her parents’ contact information, please forward it to me, or bring her to my office at KICC.”

She stated on Facebook, “I am going to pay her school fees, purchase her shoes, and provide general support.”

Source: Legit.ng

Originally posted 2021-10-16 14:31:48.

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