About 2018 African Writers Conference

The African Writers Conference is an event conceptualized by the African Writers Development Trust aimed at bringing together writers of African descent to a common platform, build bridges for networking, provide opportunities for writers to promote themselves and their work, and sustain a conversation on advancing the collective interests of African writers.
This Conference is supported by UNESCO, Writers Guild Kenya, the Association of Nigerian Authors (Abuja Chapter), Poetica Magazine, among others.
The theme of the 2018 AWC is: Re-imagining African Literature: New Voices, New Narratives in the Fight for the Girl Child.
The objectives are: 

  • To provide a gateway for continuous engagement and cross-interaction on the issue of the girl child. 
  • To promote cross-cultural discussion that will lead to the development of literature on the African continent 
  • To foster mutual understanding for peaceful co-existence 
  • Develop strategies for the development of the African literary space. 
  • Identify shared values and how to advance it against our differences. 

Date: December 1, 2018

Venue: International Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria

Time: 9AM

Registration fee: $8 (N 3000) – For those who pay online prior to the conference. It includes a meal, conference materials, souvenirs, etc

Late Registration: $14 (5,000) – For those who pay at the conference venue.

Book exhibition space – $28 (10,000)

Roll-up banner adverts for books and publishing – $28 (10,000)

Roll-up banner adverts for other items – $56 (20,000)

There are hotels around the conference venue and if you would like to be assisted, please send an email to [email protected]
Please click here to Pay.

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