ACEworld Publishers’ Author, Ola W. Halim, Begins Series, Reflection

Series 1

More than half of the people in the world are confused! 
People pass subjective judgments on others because of the internal insecurities in them, which they never discover. 
People complicate issues for themselves and lift blames off their shoulders easily because blames are light. 
People live in a Reality with blurry edges and they defend this reverie
by claiming, rather forcibly, that they are living their dreams. 
People mistake ego for self-love. 
People never ask certain questions. Or they ask the wrong person. Or
they ask in blurs. Or they think they can’t find answers. Or they hold
too closely to the knowledge of how society defines taboo and blasphemy. 
People can’t sieve love from infatuation. Heart from mind.
Eye from mind. Hate from anger. Convention from culture. Objective
judgements from sheer subjectivity. Education from mental captivity.
Knowledge from enlightenment. 
People live by the dictates of
other people and therefore build themselves open prisons. They think the
more supporters you get, the more successful you become; still they
don’t want to sincerely trust anyone. 
People live in a world
they don’t understand and never will, yet they become counsellors and
pastors and contribute to the already thick problems of the world. 
People see someone different when they look at the mirror. This person
is the person they won’t reveal. Yet when they go about jumping from one
point to another, they complain that nobody understands them. 
People want to be loved. But they don’t want to love the way they want
to. They want to attach physical ties to loving, yet they want you to
love their hearts instead of their bodies. 
They are not so sure of themselves. What to say or think and how to say or think pose serious problems. 
People don’t know what they want. Or they don’t know how to get what they want.

Photo Credit: Mayor Jake
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Ola W. Halim is the author of Homecoming, published by ACEworld Publishers.

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