All-Black High School Golf Team Wins State Championship for the First Time

The Varsity Boys Golf Team from Atlanta’s Charles R. Drew Public Charter School, which includes all Blcak players and all-Black coaching staff, just won the State Championship,, making them the first team in Georgia to do so.

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They also made history by becoming the first golf team from an Atlanta Public School to win a State Championship. After defeating the two-time defending state champions by more than 15 strokes, the team earned a significant victory.

They had a solid finish this year after finishing fourth the previous year.

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“We’re making history,” Anthony Ford, a senior on the team, said Because of Them We Can. “We’ve got even bigger stakes [on] us now, going to the national championship. Being the only Black team there, means a lot. We’ve got a lot of people rooting for us.”

Nyre Williams, the team’s coach, has been a professional golfer since 2003, after receiving a golf scholarship to Tennessee State University. He’s also the director of the East Lake Foundation’s The First Tee, a youth development initiative that mentors and teaches golf to young people.

All of the boys on the Drew Charter School golf team are members of The First Tee of East Lake, where they were taught not just how to play golf, but also how to set and achieve goals in life.

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Apart from their recent victory, the boys have been offered a number of opportunities, including scholarships to top universities, travel across the country, and access to elite golf academies.

“The biggest highlight would be the capacity to teach these men things they wouldn’t have an opportunity to learn outside of the game,” In an interview with Blavity. Williams said: “This platform has allowed them to recognize their worth and aspire to goals they wouldn’t have otherwise thought of accomplishing.”

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