Another Side Of Paul Word Uma; A Review Of ‘Be Me’

 As society changes, as politics change, as  people change, certain songs still seems to resonant and such is Paul Word Uma’s new single “Be Me” it sends a chill in the spin when you plunge in your earpiece to your ears to get the words of the  lyrics one by one. He so mastered his art that one hardly believe it was his first single as a musician.
Like Marilyn Mansion once said that art is not limited to the songs created but also to the reaction it creates. One would like to sit back and look at the whole thing as if it’s a tornado that one is controlling. It’s creating chaos. When you create chaos, ideas are turned upside down, and everybody looks at things in a different way. . Some people like us have hard time trying to express to others how we feel about them or about our relationship with them so, we use songs to tell people how we feel about them.
If we cannot say we love you verbally we can convey our messages in a lyric just like Paul has done trying to tell us how important it is to be us not wearing another man’s body.

He knew what was at stake in a country where all artistes teach children only how to shake up their buttocks without first understanding what a good music with good lyrics is. He knows where he was going that was why he wrote a song so thrilling with enlightening lyrics which keeps ring a bell in the mind of his listeners. His breathe control was on point and the delivery was very didactic. Hence, we bank on to say that Paul Word has come to stay in the music industry if he continues in this manner
The music was recorded to have reached 6000 downloads in the first four days it was uploaded on the internet. This shows that people still know what good music is just that some are being deceived by the trend of the moment. Aside being known as a spoken word artiste, Paul word has featured in a TV series which is soon to be air on television station soon. The young man is a great talent to look out for in the music industry like the likes of Ric Hassani and Nonso Amadi and Maleek Berry who he echoes from. The song was well mixed and mastered allowing one to get glimpse of every instrument used. the producer did a wonderful job.
I have long got acquainted to his pieces reveal truth about life and its mysteries spiced up with melodies and rhythms so that one never stopped finding himself in a jolted regret. Things may definitely gets deafened  to the core of  sapping out the intoxicated vibes, but the more the flow penetrate into the unity of our mind, you try to unbutton yourself into the piece.
It is one thing to write, a good music and it another thing to deliver that which have been written or which is in the mind to be reveal. Take note, although, they might be some flaws to the music like the connectivity before the artiste and the music trying to balance each other. The control of rhythms and the rhythm. Although, it might be that sorting out the brevity in the delivery help the listener to understand and relate with the lyrics and the power behind the captivating messages in the song. So, we say the Artiste has dished out a good song compare to what we have out there as song. To his ability and drive, he was able to convince all that good music is still relevant when you be yourself.

Be you and not any other person like me.

Written by John Chizoba Vincent

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