Apply for these Writing Competitions as a Writer/Poet in the month of July 2023

Apply for these writing competitions in the month of July 2023. Participants stand a chance to win fantastic prizes as well as get recognition for their work.

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1. Archipelago Weekly Writing Competition 2023

The archipelago looking for great works of fiction, poetry, and personal essays. We encourage the writers to do all the necessary editorial work for we are not providing any editing feedback due to the time constraint of the competition. Make sure your piece is ready and polished before sending us. It increases your chance of winning.

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2. Valiant Scribe Poetry Competition 2023

Valiant Scribe calls for poetry submissions written from a hopeful perspective, insinuating there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We welcome entries focusing on faith and social issues.

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3. Not Quite Write Prize For Flash Fiction 2023

The Not Quite Write Prize for Flash Fiction challenges writers to create an original piece of fiction based on two typical writing prompts plus one anti-prompt.

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4. Apply: The Pathfinder Prize for Exploration 2023

The Pathfinder Prize honors the tradition of exploration societies that funded grand expeditions in the past. However, the prize places a new emphasis on curiosity rather than conquest. The winners of the 2023 Pathfinder Prize are currently on an expedition to Greenland.

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5. Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award 2023

The Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award is an opportunity for any young person aged 11-17 to accelerate their writing career. Since it was founded in 1998, the Award has kick-started the career of some of today’s most exciting new voices, such as Sarah Howe, Jay Bernard, Helen Mort, Richard Osmond, Caroline Bird, Phoebe Stuckes and many more poets from across the world.

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6. Universe of Threats Essay Contest 2023

CAPTRS has launched a pathogen threat scenario writing contest, which will be part of their work to build a catalog of pathogen threat scenarios that will be used to hone pandemic preparedness strategies and train future decision-makers.

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