CBN Approves FX Sales to BDCs at N1,125/$ to Boost Market Stability

In a significant move aimed at stabilizing the foreign exchange market, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has given its approval for the sale of foreign exchange (FX) to Bureau De Change (BDC) operators at the rate of N1,125 per US dollar. This decision comes amidst efforts by the CBN to address the challenges posed by exchange rate volatility and to ensure the availability of FX in the Nigerian market.

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The announcement of this approval marks a strategic intervention by the CBN, which plays a pivotal role in managing Nigeria’s monetary policies and regulating the foreign exchange market. By allowing BDCs to access FX at a predetermined rate, the CBN aims to enhance liquidity in the market and curb speculative activities that often contribute to currency fluctuations.

This decision by the CBN aligns with its commitment to maintaining exchange rate stability and fostering a conducive environment for businesses and investors. The N1,125 per dollar rate set for BDC transactions reflects the CBN’s efforts to strike a balance between ensuring affordability of FX and preserving the value of the naira.

It’s worth noting that BDCs serve as crucial intermediaries in the FX market, catering to the needs of individuals and small businesses for foreign currency transactions. By enabling BDCs to access FX at a predetermined rate, the CBN seeks to bolster their capacity to meet the demands of their customers while also minimizing the prevalence of parallel market activities.

This move by the CBN comes at a time when Nigeria, like many other economies, is grappling with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has strained foreign exchange reserves and put pressure on the naira. By providing a clear framework for FX transactions with BDCs, the CBN aims to instill confidence in the market and mitigate the adverse effects of external shocks on the domestic currency.

Furthermore, the approval of FX sales to BDCs at N1,125 per dollar underscores the CBN’s proactive approach in managing Nigeria’s foreign exchange market dynamics. It demonstrates the regulator’s willingness to implement targeted interventions to address emerging challenges and sustain macroeconomic stability.

In conclusion, the CBN’s decision to approve the sale of FX to BDCs at N1,125 per dollar signifies a strategic step towards fostering stability and liquidity in Nigeria’s foreign exchange market. By providing BDCs with access to FX at a predetermined rate, the CBN aims to promote transparency, discourage speculative activities, and support economic recovery efforts amidst ongoing global uncertainties.

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