Celebrating Emmanuela Samuel, A Risen Nigerian comedian and actress

Emmanuela Samuel is a young talented comedian of the Mark Angel Comedy
group. She was born on the 22nd of July 2010, she will be eight this
Emmanuela started her career in comedy under her uncle,
Mark Angel when she was five. She appeared first in a comic video,
titled, ‘This is not my real face o’, where she played a brilliant
comical role. This made her known across the country and now has risen
to become one of Nigeria’s influential comedian.
Emmanuela has
been living with her uncle Mark Angel since she was very young. Her
uncle said, in an interview that he realised something exceptional in
her and wanted her to bring it out for the world to see.
In 2015, Emmanuela won the G influence Niger delta special Award, the City People Award and NEA Award.
Emmanuela is rated the most renowned kid celebrity in Nigeria, known worldwide.
In October 2016, she was awarded the Princess of Comedy and The Most Prominent Kid Comedienne in Sydney, Australia.

Her current net worth of about 58 million and is one of the most influential comedian in Nigeria.

She was born in Portharcout in Rivers but originally from Imo state.
We are proud to celebrate this young and influential kid celebrity.

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