Covid-19 Mortality Rate: What your age group says about your chances of survival

The fear of Coronavirus pandemic is understandable but the Covid-19 mortality rate has what your age group says about your chances of survival if infected.

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Too many panicky posts are circling on Coronavirus around the world. The Governments are doing enough to contain it but there is more for us to do than just panic. We also need to get a quick grip on the facts of the matter.

It’s a bad viral disease – like most. But the Covid-19 mortality rate is not anywhere near Ebola (which stood at over 50% of those infected). The table below puts it better for Coronavirus.

Covid-19 mortality rate

Sure, every death is one too many. And every infection brings us closer to losing someone. But the chances are way slimmer than we think. So throwing fear around is going to do us more damage than good.

Let’s act with calmness of mind and clarity of purpose. Take necessary precautions. Obey the Government’s guidelines. We’ll be fine!

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  1. Nope! Any living human being can get Covid-19, and any living human being can die from it.

  2. So shouldn’t the people with the highest death rate be tested first if they show signs of the virus?

  3. It would make sense to test everyone that has symptoms or reasons for a test. The problem is, we don’t have enough tests available in the US to do that.

  4. Found the guy who either failed high school or hasn’t picked up a book in several decades.

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