Dealing With Some Hungry Nigerian Feminists.

It seems to be the fashion nowadays for a girl to behave as much like a man as possible. Well, I won’t! I’ll make the best of being a girl and be as nice a specimen as I can: sweet and modest, dear, dainty thing with clothes smelling all sweet and violety, a soft voice, and pretty, womanly ways. Since I’m a girl, I prefer to be a real one!” George de Home Vaizey
When you look around, you will understand that we now have more hungry women who called themselves feminists.
They parade themselves on the social media as feminists, running their mouth up and down in the name of protecting women rights or rather fighting for what they think it is the right course for the female. Shouting all over the places to tell people that you are a feminist is being insane. Nobody send you, yes, no one cares if you are a feminist or not. You are living your life and please, make room for others to live their life also. Some of you are hungry and needs to know where you belong; some men don’t really have time for your barks. Typical Nigerian feminists see men as competitors; they are desperate, frustrated, and confused of what they stand for.
 So handling them, you should know their tactics, don’t argue with them. Just leave them to their stupidity, yes, don’t fight over spill oil. You can’t win them in an argument that will not generate any thing to you. many of them don’t know what feminism is, they don’t really under the term ‘Feminist”, they pick the word because Chimamanda is a feminist. The word feminist have become a dirty word because lots of people that don’t know the meaning of it use it.
They all talk about equality, gender equality but fail to realize that nature made this so. Some of these hungry ones thought that feminism is all about fighting men on social media, reminding them how they will never bow down to them. I once met one who told me that once she can find any man that could impregnate her and she have a child, she wont have anything to do with men anymore. She said she preferred being a single mother than to  live under one man’s roof who will be commanding her like his maid. The best answer I could give to her then was for her to go and look for a fellow feminist who could get her pregnant and later, she can let go of her.
Some Nigerian women misunderstood the word ‘feminism’ and the best way to deal with them is to keep calm whenever they attack you. Let them be, don’t fight them and never you try to explain or educate them how or what feminism is. Don’t try to drum into their conscience about feminism, if you do; they will end up seeing you as a fool.
Women’s marches are clever progressive divide and conquer strategy that not only turns women against men, but also turns women against each other in the guise of peace and solidarity. it is a brilliant tactic t9o employ media propaganda to make privileged women feel oppressed and then program them to think that vulgarity, exhibitionism and emasculation is empowering” Dawn Perlmutter.
I have never seen a woman who called herself a feminist paying a pride price for her husband! I have never seen anyone of them who could impregnate herself without seeking for a man. Freedom and equality is what all of them clamour but nature does not make us equal. In many ways men will always stand taller. I am not speaking for men or speaking against women but let us clarify this fact that feminism is not all about fighting men and seeing them as competitor in the human market. This is fact. We are training our little girls in a wrong way, little girls now see boys as lions or prey that they must fight, and they see guys as beasts they must conquer. They now refer to men as an asshole. You can’t demand your rights and other things from men as if they are tied with men. No one is stopping you from being the woman you dream of, no one is stopping you from achieving your goals and aspirations. some of these women you watch fighting here and there are confused hungry Nigerian feminists, and the sky is big enough for all birds to fly. I have told my self that I will never exchange words with any of them whether physical or on line. The highest I can do is to excuse myself from them, just walk away. None of these feminists would drag you backward if you decide to walk away from their abusive words. Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery.
You can’t run away from your shadow, if there is trust, water won’t cook fish..“Trigger warnings are the most ridiculous, patronizing and infantilizing creations ever come out of feminism. But feminists adore trigger warning because it reinforces the idea that women are ruled by their  emotions, are incapable of recovering from trauma and are just generally hysterical nitwits unprepared to confront adulthood and reality” Janet Bloomfield
“Society doesn’t owe us anything. I don’t need someone to pay for my female hygiene products to feel empowered. Can we work? Yes. Can we vote? Yes. Do we have the same rights opportunities as men? Yes. What rights are they {feminist} fighting for? What are they specifically? What don’t they have?” Hannah Bleau
Elmar Hussein  once wrote that Anti Feminism is not sexism. It does not defend the various types of physical, sexual and moral violence against women in the family and society. it does not claim to violate the natural rights of women, which is expressed in the constitution and the legal system as a whole. Instead, anti feminism supports the innate biological differences among women and men, and as final result it is directed against gender blindness… a unisex trend that artificially increases due to feminism in modern global civilization. To protect the natural rights of women, you have to be a humanist who has devoted himself or herself to protect all humans.
Don’t argue with some of these hungry Nigerian feminists walk away if possible and allow them to their views the feminist movement taught women to see themselves as victims of an oppressive patriarchy… self imposed victimhood is not a recipe for happiness.
© John Chizoba Vincent

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