DESTINY SOULS ( by Matilda and Damade)


Your smile travelled across the distance,

And delivered a love message to my heart in an instant,

This is the moment have been envisaging for years,

Why would I not love you for thousands years?


Your love struck me like a thunder bolt,

As my gaze fell in love with yours with a high volt.

I just knew this was another chapter,

Yes, the beginning of forever after.



Love always comes and goes,

But am sure this one is here to grow.

Rivers of love in my heart now flows,

Angel, tell me am I right when I say our love will glow.


Love for me has never been so easy,

The words themselves have never felt this cozy,

The love you give ignites my heart,

I look in your eyes and I found I’m right,



I’ve felt this way only in my dreams,

So I’m no expert,

Tell me if what I feel is real,

Or if its only another false advert I see?


Angel, my love for you is real not fake,

I wanna make your dream come true for the world’s sake,

Let’s tell them, in the world there’s still true love,

Because our love is a prove of real love.



Baby, I wanna be with you always,

Kiss And Cuddle, only with you all day,

keep whispering in your ears that am her to stay,

And That my love for you is true, this not a play.


I wanna live the rest of my life with you,

Because I see my unborn kids in you.

Together, we will always live happily ever after,

Because heaven has bless our union even on the alter.


……………THE END……..

Zannu Matilda Olufunmilayo Senami Ijeoma. (Matilda)

Adeosun Damilola. (Damade)


My Appreciation to :

God almighty that have giving us the
Time and Wisdom to be able to pen this poem down, even when there is so many challenges and difficulty, God still make it possible…All honour and adoration to him, King of kings he is and he seated on the throne in heaven….

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Poetess Matilda Zannu, am highly honoured to write this beautiful piece with you, God bless you more.

Poet aesthete, for your sincere contribution and editing of this poem, thanks so much.

Poet Micheal Ace, for your wonderful contribution and editing of this poem,
thanks so much.

Poet adewale richard, for your beautiful contribution and editing of this poem,
thanks so much.

To all friends, Poet, Poetess and family that have one way influence the complition of this poem, you are highly recognise…our sincere thanks to you.

To everybody that have read and still going to read this poem, thanks so much.

God bless you all



Originally posted 2015-12-23 21:38:27.

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