Fmardpace Registered AFJP Farmers Gets 2022 Wet Season Support Grants

In today’s Fmardpace news, Fmardpace Farmers Gets NPRGS-AFJP 2022 Wet Season Support Grants and asked Enumerators to Please follow up on their farmers and explain the purpose of this grant.

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In line with the above, if you receive an alert that looks like the message in the screenshot below, know that it’s a grant to support you for the wet season farming as a registered AFJP farmer.

Farmers who received this grant were registered farmers on the Fmardpace database. You may want to also check How To Apply For AFJP Farmers FC Fertilizer Subsidy Grant

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The grant alert received by AFJP Farmers is the Fertilizer Subsidy Grant, an initiative of President Muhammadu Buhari Administration to support the Small Holder Vulnerable Farmers in the country to increase productivity. For further information, call Fmardpace to find out more on 09085287661, 09085287662, 08085287663

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