Full list of Covid-19 cases in every country of the world by WHO

Detailed here is the full list of Covid-19 cases in every country and territory of the world including African regions as released by World Health Organization.

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World Health Organization has also released a map catalogue containing details of all cases of Covid-19 in Africa.

While it’s relatively low compared to the number of cases we have in Europe and America, Africa has recorded 273 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in 26 countries. only 6 deaths have however been recorded.

Full list of Covid-19 cases

According to World Health Organization, below is the Full list of Covid-19 cases recorded from around the world:

China :80981 cases

Italy :12462 cases

Iran (Islamic Republic of) :9000 cases

Republic of Korea :7983 cases

France :2281 cases

Spain :2140 cases

Germany :1567 cases

United States of America :987 cases

Switzerland :815 cases

International conveyance (Diamond Princess) :696 cases

Japan :620 cases

Denmark :615 cases

Netherlands :503 cases

Sweden: 461 cases

United Kingdom :373 cases

Belgium :314 cases

Austria :302 cases

Norway :277 cases

Qatar :262 cases

Bahrain :195 cases

Singapore :187 cases

Malaysia :129 cases

Australia :122 cases

Greece :98 cases

Czech Republic :94 cases

Canada :93 cases

Kuwait :80 cases

Israel :75 cases

India :74 cases

United Arab Emirates :74 cases

Iraq :70 cases

Thailand :70 cases

Egypt :67 cases

Lebanon :66 cases

San Marino :63 cases

Iceland :61 cases

Slovenia :57 cases

Brazil :52 cases

Philippines :52 cases

Romania :48 cases

Poland :44 cases

Ireland :43 cases

Portugal :41 cases

Finland :40 cases

Viet Nam :39 cases

Indonesia :34 cases

occupied Palestinian territory :31 cases

Algeria :25 cases

Albania :23 cases

Chile :23 cases

Georgia :23 cases

Saudi Arabia :21 cases

Russian Federation :20 cases

Argentina :19 cases

Pakistan :21 cases

Serbia :19 cases

Oman :18 cases

Ecuador :17 cases

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Confirmed cases: 125,288
Deaths: 4,614

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