How Npower Volunteers Can PITCH Their business To Get Finance

In today’s latest Npower news, we will be discussing How Npower Volunteers Can PITCH Their business To Get Finance. So let’s get started:

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Who are Npower beneficiaries?

Npower beneficiaries comprise graduates and non-graduate vibrant Nigerian youths who volunteered and were selected to serve under the Federal Government empowerment programme called “Npower Programme” as a temporary means to create.

The main aim of the Npower Programme is to equip Nigerian youths with work experience or skills that will help them set up businesses that can provide opportunities for others.

Since the inception of the Npower Programme, 2 sets of batches A and B has graduated into doing other businesses. And the Federal Government have set up a scheme called Nexit to finance their business in form of a loan.

The current beneficiaries Npower batch C1 should also note that their time in the Programme is running out and that called for they need for them to begin learning the process of source for business capital. As a result of that, we have decided to create this post to show you 3 ways to PITCH your business as a Npower volunteer to get Finance.

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For some of you who might be applying for business capital from a scheme set to offer such assistance, you will be called to pitch your business idea. Below is how to prepare to pitch:

1. Prepare yourself: You must first prepare

yourself as well as your idea. It’s crucial to note that many foundations are interested in the entrepreneur as they are in the business strategy. It is therefore critical that the foundation and the entrepreneur have similar work ethics and perspective.

2. Confidence is key: Slow breathing can

help calm your nerves if you feel anxious whilst pitching. Having materials like your notes and stickers close by is also helpful. so that you can quickly glance at them if you forget a few details. This keeps you on track and tells the judges that you are in charge.

3. Keep it simple: When crafting your pitch, it’s best to keep things basic. Make use of a language that even a young child can comprehend. Your business plan should also be simple to understand and never be too long. It should be brief and to the point.

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