How To Sell Bitcoin/Ethereum On Truexgold

This article will show you how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum with step by step procedure to ensure successful trade.


how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum

We are presently in the jet age or computer age as some may call it and it is quite unfortunate that many people shy away when they hear the word ‘cryptocurrency’. Some are completely ignorant of it, which shouldn’t be so since it has the potential of becoming the major currency of the world in the nearest years to come.

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Cryptocurrency cannot be seen or felt, but it’s used for online transactions, making internet payments and other Internet related engagements that involve money.

It is money itself but the kind of money you don’t see but can make use of.

And it uses cryptography as its security meaning whatsoever you save on it cannot be stolen unlike our paper money, it possess a strong encryption system.


how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the number one above all other cryptocurrency. It can be used as payment, in exchange of money or to buy and sell online.


how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum

Ethereum is also a cryptocurrency that is growing fast in the online market. Sooner or later, it will reach and exceed its sky limit. It is presently on number two after Bitcoin based on ranking and worth.


how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum

This platform is a trusted Nigerian Cryptocurrency Exchanger that provides the opportunity to buy, sell or exchange various kinds of currencies.

Currencies include:

√ Perfect money
√ Bitcoin
√ Payeer
√ Advanced cash
√ Binary
√ Ethereum
√ Planetofbets
√ And many other currencies.


√ They maintain best rates.
√ 90% of their transactions are fully automated.
√ They do not delay or keep you waiting.
√ They provide affordable affiliate and investment programs.
√ They’re easy to use.
√ Their customer services are online 247.


The first step to follow is to Sign Up.

You have to sign up before you’re able to access the transactions. It’s a very easy procedure, no stress.

To register/sign up, click this link and click on Sign up.

After verifying your account.

To sell BTC . . . please click this link.
Then follow other onscreen instructions to complete your order.

To buy BTC . . . click this link.
Then follow other onscreen instructions to complete your order.


After registration, follow the links below to sell and buy.

TO BUY Ethereum, then follow on-screen instructions and complete your order. Click here to proceed.

TO SELL Ethereum, follow on-screen instructions and complete your order. Click here to proceed.


TrueXgold provides opportunity to learn trading on crypto and digital currencies like Binary and Bitcoin.

For Binary, they collect a token of N50,000.
For Bitcoin, they collect a token of N100,000.

You can easily reach them on their Feedback button.

NOTE: Your order maybe unnecessarily delayed if you forget or refuse to make your payment or deposit using your “order invoice” as the transfer narration.
Also never use such terms as (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Payment, Payment for Bitcoin, Fund My Bitcoin Account, Bitcoin Funding or any other term other than your “Order Invoice”) As payments and transfers would be refunded to any who disobey this instruction — TrueXgold.


I’m glad and happy you followed this article. It’s not too late to start trading. It’s not too late to learn about cryptocurrency. It’s not too late to be cryptosmart. Maximize your time, remember time waits for no one.

how to sell Bitcoin/Ethereum

TrueXgold got you covered.

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