How to verify a Job Interview invitation to avoid being scammed

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When it comes to deciphering which is legit and which is fraudulent with all the interviews and offers as a job seeker, it most times get tricky. Here is why we have highlighted several guides like the following;

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In this thread are unbeatable ways to verify a job interview invitation no matter where they come from (as compiled by Rest assured all jobs found on ACEworld are verified though.

Below are the fast procedures to uncovering fake interview invitations irrespective of where it may have emanated from.

1. Search up the email address

Searching up the email address of the company or organization offering the vacancy is key in understanding if it is legit or not. According to Nigeria Latest Opportunities, once the name on the advert is at tandem with what is on Google search then you are on track.

2. Look up the office address

Another necessary thing to search to is the office address. Look up the address on the advert on Google search, once it matches the one on the company’s website on Google then it is an authentic invitation.

3. Search up the company name on a search engine

Another thing worth looking up is the name of the company. A comprehensive search on a popular search engine will save you from falling for the wrong job invite.

4. Search results don’t add up

After doing your research and it keeps returning with different results, then it is a sign that the job invitation is fake.

CareerAddict asserts that some scammers go to the point of creating fake websites to deceive unsuspecting job hunters. Scamwarners will help you screen out and identify those with fraudulent tendencies.

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