Looking Away: A proposed Solution to Societal Ills | Being A Review of Bird Box

By Paul Word Uma

I just saw Bird Box (Yeah! I know I’m late to the party) but I feel I need to share somethings I learnt from the movie.

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So a virus broke out in the world and people were dying by committing suicide and how do you contract the virus? all you have to do is look and boom! You get the virus and commit suicide which means if you decide to look away or blindfold your eyes you won’t contract the virus and commit suicide.

In the movie, they had to look away but they also had to develop another sense of direction. So they develop their ears for sound and used it for directions. The virus was the problem and looking away was the solution. Survival was the goal. So they looked away from the problem and used their ears for sound as direction towards the goal. The truth is many of us are not looking away from our problems. The problem is not the goal. The goal is the goal. So your eyes shouldn’t be on the problem.

When you look at a thing it means you’re focus. You don’t have to focus on your problems but the goal. Sadly this is not the way it is in our society. We are driven by what we see. Let me rephrase that. Our problem drives us. And there is only one destination you get to when your problem drives you and that’s, RUIN!

In the movie, I also discover that apart from looking away from the problem they also had to run away from it, nobody was trying to fix anything. So yes, RUN! not all problem needs to be fixed! You don’t need to fix that broken relationship that caused you so much pain. You don’t need to always go back to that place where you’re not needed and try to prove a point. You don’t need to try to impress anyone if they don’t like you. All you have to do is run. Remember the problem is not the goal. The goal is the goal

Looking away from a problem can be hard especially in a society that has glorified a problem to be the seemingly goal. Let me explain. Internet fraud is a problem but it’s a seemingly goal. Corruption, prostitution amongst others are problems that have turn to goals. Which is why you need to define your goals and learn to look away from this problem turned seemingly goal and run to your goal

God bless!

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