N-Power: The Best Time To Apply For Redeployment And How To Go About It

It is no longer news that NASIMS have deployed a lot of People to places very far from their residential areas to carry out their primary assignment. Although the deployment was tactical based on locations lacking enough teachers, the place o primary assignment for some is unbearable. Intact to some, the 30,000 naira salary won’t be enough fo transportation if they are to go every day.

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For this reason, deployment from one place of primary assignment to another is possible within the same local government area or the same state. Follow the steps below to apply for redeployment if you want to.

Firstly, make sure you have carried out all the screening procedures to the point of uploading your acceptance letter to the NASIMS portal. Secondly, go to the local government office and lay your complaint. Note that the reason for the possible redeployment must be genuine such as pregnancy, or sickness. If the officer finds your complaint genuine, he will ask you to write a letter of redeployment and submit it to the ministry of education where you were verified.

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If the ministry approves the redeployment, a redeployment letter would be given to which you must upload to your dashboard. NASIMS will send you a redeployment letter which will indicate your new place of primary assignment.

The best time to apply for redeployment is 2 weeks after your resumption. This will indicate that you have tried to work where you were posted but you don’t find it easy at all.

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