New Book Alert: Ayodele Abdulwasiu Ishola Publishes 361 Degrees (Collection of Poems)

This collection is a bold statement on the human experience. The poet makes a conscious effort to explore individualism, universalism, spiritism, and a critique of communalism. The beauty of this work lies in the seamless blend of dissimilitude into a fine fusion.

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I find fascinating the focus on the divinity of the human being, and the need to rise above labels and boundaries created to limit the human energy. Indeed, this collection is more than 360 degrees, it goes an extra mile, it digs deeper into its subject matter, and invites the readers to explore their potentials and unleash their divinity while still in the human body.

You are not small.

You are not unworthy.

You are not insignificant.

The universe wove you from a constellation

Just so, every atom, every fiber in you

Comes from a different star.

NIKITA GILL (Your Soul is River)


An exciting and enlightening read from a brilliant and multidimensional poet!

Download 361 Degrees (pdf, 433kb)


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