Npower Batch C new Salary Break down for incoming applicants


This article explores the new salary structure for Npower successful candidates. It is about the new pay scale adopted for the new Npower Batch C programme.

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Here you have to understand that the money or salary paid to NPower Batch C Volunteers belongs to the segment or categories, the total salary structure of Npower A and B category candidates is 30,000 Naira, payable every month, NPower is divided into two parts, which are undergraduate categories and non-graduate categories.

Now we present the details of N-power salary, below is the amount of payment to be paid to the volunteers applied to npower batch C, and also note that holders of SSCE High School Certificate Exam, holders of primary certificate received at least 10k monthly salary

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Npower Salary Break down for the incoming Batch C applicants

  • Npower Build Monthly stipend: 27k to 30k monthly
  • Npower Tech Hardware Monthly stipend: 20k to 40k monthly stipend
  • Npower Tech Software Monthly stipend: 20k to 4k monthly stipend
  • Npower Creative Monthly Salary: 10k to 30k monthly pay
  • Npower Agro Monthly pay: 25k to 30k monthly.
  • Npower Teach Month stipend: 28-30k naira monthly
  • Npower Community Education stipend: 10k to 30k monthly

This Salary Breakdown is subject to change anytime soon, but this is a verified structure pack that you should expect every month.

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