Captain Npower: Employed Beneficiaries set to be fished out from Programme

This captain Npower scheme is one of the long arm schemes that are designed to select out any of the employed Npower beneficiaries.

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This means any Npower beneficiary who receives salary from Npower and other employment will be fished out.

This information was shared on the Npower Facebook page. So if it happens that you are an existing Npower beneficiary and at the same time, you are earning from other employment, then you should take note that Npower has activated the Captain Npower 2021 to select you out from the Npower programme.

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What to know about Npower

The N-Power scheme is job recruitment that was carried out in 2016 and lately in June 2017 where unemployed Nigerian Graduates were asked to apply and submit online application. A total of 500,000 graduates would be employed in the scheme and so far 200,000 has already been employed and are receiving monthly stipends of N30,000 from the federal government of Nigeria.

The scheme said the federal government empowerment programme was solely for unemployed graduates. For this reason, it said people who were already employed should stay off.

The scheme has already activated Captain N-Power. This will trace all account numbers of N-Power beneficiaries to their BVN and various accounts, from which they can determine whether you’re employed elsewhere or not.

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