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We often hear the popular saying; “you
are being addressed the way you are dressed”
, that`s exactly how you
were able to magnet any form of relationship you`re into right now (consciously
or unconsciously). 
You can`t dress like a prostitute and
expect to magnet a responsible Prince. We know dressing is your choice; after
all, no one feeds or buy your wears for you, so you should be in better
position of determining what and what you should wear, but then, it`s also good
you`re aware of the fact that your dress sense is capable of magnetting the
right or wrong persons into your life.
This is because; every human is first
moved by what they see. You first see before you come closer to perceive, feel, touch or even associate with. Don`t mind that popular
saying; “Men are moved by sight, women
are moved by hearing”
. Before you can allow a man speak to your hearing or
confuse you, you must have felt comfortable being around his kind of person
(and this include his physique i.e. physical appearance first). Therefore,
before hearing comes sight, “be careful what you show the world because
you may not know the stance of your prince or princess charming”.
Personally, I`ve had to ignore guys not
because they weren’t making sense, but because, they weren`t responsibly
dressed to my taste, yes! You may say that`s pride, my dear it`s no pride, it`s
knowing what you want and setting standards for your life. This does not mean
you must wear the best designer in the world or wear dresses from the most
expensive boutique to look unique, at least look simple and responsible.
Just so you know, our dressing goes a
long way to speak volumes of who we are and when your dressing sends the wrong
signal, no matter how responsible you are within, no responsible person can get
to connect with it until you are responsibly packaged. “Birds of the same feather flock
How could I forget this illustration of
a personal experience about six months ago? It was early this year around
January when I had gone to a business partner`s shop at the wee hours of the
morning, it happened that I had to wait than expected for him to settle down
before we discuss the reason he requested my presence that early morning. At
the course of my waiting, a female friend of his entered, prior to this period,
I was chatting with him on some social and intellectual issues while he attends
to his business before the young lady came in. 
At first, she never wanted to talk with
us, even when her friend had called her into the discussion, I felt probably
because she was feeling to be a stranger to me yet, at some point, she had to
join but when I make some remarks that`d require her reply, she would subtly
ignore. This continued until the guy had to excuse us to attend to a client,
then I cracked a joke that tickled her, she laughed and that was it! We started
conversing. From social to moral trends, then to spiritual, intellectual and
academic burning issues, I never knew I was wowing her with my intellectual
prowess until shortly before she bade a bye, she confessed “o babe, you seem to gather
uncommon wisdom and intellectual properties than your
LOOK, seriously, anyone who hadn`t been under
your talking influence may easily discard your extensive hands of friendship
simply because of your looks, I must confess, enough of beating about the bush,
you look just horrible! I advise you work on your looks so it`d blend with your
she finished, even though I tried explaining to her that I
don`t always look this way, circumstances just forced me to, “I had woken up
very early in the morning, having not even had my teeth brushed, I received an
urgent call from this friend of mine of which I had to rush down to his shop
not caring to have my hair combed since it`s a stone throw from our house” I
defended, but she insisted, advising me to just look good all times and nothing
should be of excuse for not looking responsible at any point in time. 
Fast-forward to the time, few weeks
later, we met at a café. She was dazed at my looks, she had to brush off her
face again to be sure it was actually the disheveled looking girl she`d met few
weeks back. Of course she didn`t hide her feelings, she exclaimed, “I
can`t believe you were the same person I saw the last time”
remarked “honestly you now look exactly like your brains” she teased, I
could only smile. In the subsequent months, she has always met me charmingly
dressed and of a truth cannot hide her surprises.
From her friendship, I have been able
to be called upon to deliver on some public speaking seminars to one of the
organizations she heads.
What point does the story up there
tries to drive at? Most times you get into the wrong relationship due to the
wrong signals your dressing sends, so now you know, even your dressing determines
your type of relationship?

Queen Esther Emenike (BleedingPen) is a young creative writer passionate about correcting ills of the society through the art of the pen. She`s the founder of TEENSpecial, a teens platform established for the interest of the teens and giving them a voice the society will reckon with.

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She loves reading, dancing, cooking and adventures etc, among other things.

Facebook@QueenEstherEmenike, Instagram@esybest97, Twitter@queenesther.

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