Origami Poems Project 2020 (Prize: $175 for the top three winners)

Origami Poems Project

The Origami Poems Project 2020 has commenced with the theme: ‘Best of Kindness’. The deadline for submission is July 15th 2020. They will be awarding $175 to the top three winners.

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This is Origami poems’ third contest on the theme of kindness. They want to read poems that give insight and perspective on the qualities that make people better companions to one another.

Their Finalist Judge is Julia Meylor.


  • Entrees must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • Entries must be original and unpublished (email entries will not be accepted).
  • Do not include any identifying information on the entry itself.
  • They have promised to award a total of 175$ to the top three. First Place – $100, Second Place – $50, Third Place – $25
  • Poets included in the ‘Best of Kindness’ 2020 anthology will receive a contributor copy.
  • There is no registration fee
  • Once the contest is closed and winners are determined, winners will be contacted via Submittable, using the account info that accompanied your entry.

How To Enter For Origami Poems Project

  1. Your entry should be in a Word document, format should be in Times New Roman, font size 12.
  2. Poems should be no more than 30-60 lines (with title) with each line being between 40-60 characters per line (including space and punctuation). Do not center your work.
  3. Any identifying info on the poem submission itself will disqualify the entry from consideration. Remove your name from the poetry file you submit – including on the title page, headers and footers.
  4. All submissions must be previously unpublished. (A work that has appeared on a blog or website is considered previously published and is ineligible from the competition.)
  5. In the Submittable form itself, please include your bio info of 100 words or less – written in 3rd person. Include your mailing address as well.
  6. Let them know your name as well as how you would want it included in the ‘Best of Kindness’ Anthology (if accepted).
  7. Simultaneously submitted work is ok but if your piece is accepted for publication elsewhere, please withdraw your submission from Submittable and email them: [email protected]

Click here to submit.

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