Poetry: In The Eyes Of The Camera by SamuEL Amazing Ayoade

in the eye of the camera

four days ago, eve was deceived by another snake.
camera flashes. the photographer sits on the forbidden fruit
ksssssssi! wohs wobi! (look here!) chanted the photo-man to the first woman
who kept curling away from the eye of the camera… & he, he closed one eye
opened the other to focus on the incredible image he saw in the eye of the camera lens
he stopped breathless, took the camera off his eyes, looked at the actors again. and was speechless
truly. there was an eve, and another eve. conversing. & himself, the third creature with the camera
he opened his camera again. ksssssssi! wohs wobi! (look here!) called he again for concentration
an eye closed for another eye. surely the camera must be built on the principles of moses. an eye for an eye
& this man again saw the snake as with two legs, two arms, a woman’s bossom and of course braided hair. conversing with an eve. only in the eye of his camera
the shoot has started. the suit has scattered
the serpent went to the forbidden fruit under the camera… stretched its hands and harvested its fruits. only in the eye of his camera
remember the shoot has started and the suit has scattered
its fruits were in currencies. and our snake recently ate these currencies.
in the eye of his camera we saw, eve begged for one
and the snake protested, this won’t suffice for the cheapest gladiator
all these, only in the eye of his camera
tape roll. a tapping sound. tape finished. and that’s the end…

a moon and some stars later… a monkey needed to pay a bride price
searched the jungle and found an old rugged book. carried it on his shoulder and to his eyes
wore his glasses and read the lines. in there he discovered the secret of riches
darwin’s handwriting was glaring, men came from apes in doubtless evolution trend
the intelligent ape then saw the possibility of a reversible reaction and broke into a human farm
I sympathize with the senator that owns that farm…
dear monkey was wearing a human face. had a blazer on and carted away 70million naira. this is a nation of monkeys…
maybe the naira was a currency for monkeys before darwin colonized humanity.
lets change our currency for men can evolve back into monkeys for the naira’s sake
remember the shoot has just started and the suit is scattered.
it’s a nation of monkeys… it’s only a monkey that would believe such.

and just yesterday, another camera caught the glimpse of a fish swallowing funds
now do i believe that ours is a separate world from our ancestors’. for cameras
cameras now go into coma with complications of optical oedema
cameras now have glaucoma, with complications of conjunctivitis and hypermetropia
the closer you are, the less you see. abracadabra. though, i do know cameras lack senses
in the eye of this camera came a fish. it swam out of an aquarium in a bank
please, tell banks to stop using aquariums. it’s risky because responsible fishes now swallow cash
and not jonah. the mermaid has finally ran out of cash. and behold, she now sends her begotten daughters…
please, destroy all aquariums, here is not a world for fishes. I sincerely sympathize with that bank tho’.

now that we’re monkeys enough to believe the eyes of these cameras
but why can’t they be camera enough to see that madness is the name of a place
and that they have already ‘entered the place’…
so, it’s either they’re running mad, or they are nincompoops without an atom of sense

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or, we’re truly the real monkeys. in the eyes of reality.

in the eye of the camera



SamuEL Amazing Ayoade BlazingPen is a Higher National Diploma graduate from
the Federal College of Animal Health and Production Technology, Ibadan. He
has authored several poems, plays and proses some of which have been
published online and in anthologies. He has some musical tracks produced to
his credit, and has acted in several Christian movies by The Pillar Films,
including a minor role in The Stalker by the Mount Zion Films Production.
He recently won the first prize in the Wordiators Poetry Championship 2017.
He is also a sound Motivational Speaker.

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