Refusal To Submit, A Guaranteed Lead To Unnecessary Pressure by Kuti Isreal Ifeoluwa


In 2010, i was in an exam hall, writing what appears to be the exam that would decide my fate for the next few years. The exam was far from good, it was chemistry, and I hated chemistry with passion, as in, all those butane “octa di chloro methyl!!! Oops, who the hell resurrected those non living things abeg. Anyways that fight isn’t for today, lest I compromised the faith of the upcoming chemists.
Comman see me sweating like a Christmas goat inside the exam hall, (please government should endeavour to provide ceilings to the public schools, if not all classes, biko encourage our exam halls.)
I was a brilliant student, hardworking and playful too. (why did I even use was? World people will think am no longer brilliant now)
I was already 2 hours into my chemistry exam with my answer booklet still looking like a sunny sky, plain like anything. when this invigilator shouted 30 minutes more like someone that escaped being stung by bee in his dreams.
No, you can’t do this to me o, chemistry ó!!! I didn’t hate you now, I only hated the chemicals. (Exam tension everywhere, all over me)
Who else is ready for submission?? The voice came again, this time much more thicker.  The external supervisors were all at alert, (just like a lizard by the ant hole)
I looked out and saw my friend, she was looking happy, refreshed and stress free, unlike me that I was sweating profusely under the cold weather.
The more my classmates submit and exit the exam hall, the more they looked refreshed and happy outside, and the more the pressure increases within the exam hall.
So this morning when Opeoluwa Falusi was talking about submission, I clearly remembered that experience of 8 years ago.
Mummy wá, Until you submit yourself to your husband, you will only continue to bear unnecessary pressure, until I submitted my exam script and exited the hall, I was under heavy pressure.
The devil is always around, just like my external supervisors were. checking you out, when you’ll pay for the children’s feeding and abuse your husband before your children for not being man enough.when you’ll shake your head, when you’ll arrogantly ask him to cook before you arrive from work, just because you are the current breadwinner of the house (wehdone ma). when you’ll turn right or left, to copy from someone or somewhere, so that he can grip you and tie you into his den.
The fact that you submitted yourself to your husband doesn’t make you a slave or a fool lailai!! ! ! and it doesn’t make you equal to your husband either. (provided you married aright, according to God’s will).
Refusal to submit yourself to him is automatic refusal to submit to God’s will.
I don’t hate feminists, but you can’t put yourself at an equal position with your husband, and expect an outstandingly peaceful home. Impossicant. (The Bible words does not Contradicts). It never can
I am not saying this because I am a man, I am saying this because I have watched my mother does this, and it has resulted into a 40 years of happiness, peaceful home and wonderful children, irrespective of the trials and troubles that came their way, they survived exceptionally.
I know a Godly home is possible, and total submission to your husband doesn’t decrease your value. This is not because I have heard people talk about it, but because I was raised in one. I am Israelkuti, and this is my testimony.

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