Skills Acquisition in Nigeria: 10 Profitable Skills That Will Better Your Life

Skills Acquisition in Nigeria

If anyone had told Funke that going to school alone wouldn’t assure her of a job, perhaps she would have opted for skills acquisition in Nigeria early enough. But she didn’t and now she has to think of ways to make ends meet.

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Don’t be like Funke.

Besides your educational qualification, you need skills that will set you apart from the multitude. You need skills that you can fall back on if you don’t get a reasonable 9-5 job.

In this post are ten profitable skills that will increase your income once you learn and begin using them. Keep reading as we take you on some life-changing ride!

What is Skill?

Skill is the acquired ability to do something well. There are many profitable skills that you can learn. Keep reading as you will find them all out in this article.

What is Skill Acquisition?

Skill acquisition involves learning a particular vocation and mastering it through repeated practice. The sole aim of skill acquisition is to earn a living.

Skills Acquisition in Nigeria

It is no longer news that there is scarcity of jobs in Nigeria. You don’t have to depend on your certificate alone to get you something to survive on. Know all about skills acquisition in Nigeria to improve your standard of living at once.

Moreso, you don’t have to be a graduate yet before you learn these skills. Wherever and whatever level you are in life, it is not too late to improve on yourself.

 10 Profitable Skills That Will Better Your Life Instantly

Fashion Designing

For skills acquisition in Nigeria, fashion designing is one profitable skill that will never go extinct. So long as clothing remains one of man’s basic necessity, you’ll definitely make money once you learn this skill.

For the purpose of this content, fashion designing doesn’t involve designing and sewing clothes only. It also involves shoes and accessories production.

Hence, it is left for you to make your choice and invest the time and money needed for skills acquisition in Nigeria. Once you are a master, you’ll be highly sought after and will definitely be proud of yourself.


Do you love to style people’s hair through barbing, braiding or installing hair weaves? Then you should learn this skill.

Learning this skill will benefit you because everybody loves to look good. And it will be quite unthinkable for a person to invest in good clothes and shoes without considering their hair.

You just have to decide on the angle of hairstyling you want to focus on. Is it barbing or hairdressing? Decide and go for it.

Makeup and Beauty

Speaking of looking good, makeup artistry and the whole beauty business isn’t left out. For this skill, a majority of your customers will be women.

If you don’t want to learn makeup artistry, you can decide to go into nail designing. That is you learn how to fix fake nails for women on a regular basis. Or you go into the business of pedicure which is simply taking care of people’s feet.

Whatever you choose, rest assured that you will thrive well in this business. All you need do is to get better at your art and watch how lines fall in place for you.

Photography and Videography

Everybody loves to preserve their memories and photography is one way to achieve this. The beautiful thing about photography is that there are many aspects to it.

For instance, you may decide to take pictures alone or you dive into videography. If you choose to take pictures, you can venture into wedding photography, fashion photography or simply taking pictures of anyone.

And if you decide to major in videography, you can go into film making (cinematography) or event videography. Whichever one you choose, you’ll definitely make a good career out of this.


This involves everything related to food service and baking. You can prepare all sorts of dishes or bake small chops, chin-chin, meat pie, etc. The lucrative part of learning this skill is that you’ll make money during social events and occasion. Food is a basic necessity of man and so long as people eat, your services will always be employed.

Go ahead and learn this skill and give it your all so whenever you cook or bake, the taste makes your clients come back for more.

Event Planning

Concerning skills acquisition in Nigeria, event planning is a big one. This is because almost every weekend, people have different weddings, funerals and other occasions.

In essence, event planning is the process of planning and coordinating events. It takes into consideration factors such as budgeting, venue selection, scheduling, permit acquisition, decorations, entertainment, etc.

Digital skills

In this 21st century, digital skills are now topping the list of skills acquisition in Nigeria. It involves the ability to use digital communication, devices and network to create and share information.

Some high-income digital skills you can learn include digital marketing, graphic design, content writing, copywriting, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

An example of a successful online affiliate business is Betting Bonus Nigeria, a betting affiliate giant that compares betting bonuses in Nigeria.

Once you learn these skills, you can become a freelancer and work for different organisations at once. This implies making money from different streams at a time.

Interior Decoration

When people build houses, you can come in as an interior decorator to make it become a home for them. This skill involves decorating a space with items that exalt its look. In essence, it involves choosing the wall-coverings, furniture, rug, tiling, drapery, etc., for houses.

To go about interior decoration skills acquisition in Nigeria, you can sign up in an interior designing school and get started.


These days, learning how to drive can be commercialised professionally. Especially with the advent of taxi services such as Uber, Taxify, Bolt, etc.

Whether you have a car or not, you can drive and make money. You can even loan a car for starters and when you make enough money, you pay up. It would be much easier if you have a car. But if you don’t, you can always lease a car.

Electrical Repairs and Installation

Everybody uses electricity and if you can learn how to carry out electrical repairs and installation, it will be good for you.

You can venture into solar panel installation, DStv installation or repair electrical appliances for people.

So, there you have it. You now have knowledge about skills acquisition in Nigeria. But which of these skills do you think is most profitable?

We want to know what you think so go ahead and drop a comment below.

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