Some Real World Applications of Fractions

Some Real World Applications of Fractions

While going about our daily lives, we unknowingly employ fractions in a variety of ways. It is safe to argue that the world as we know it now would not exist without fractions. With that, an online fraction calculator has also been designed to simplify fractions so that daily life maths activities could be entertained smoothly. 

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This blog will discuss fractions and how they are used in many disciplines of mathematics, as well as how they affect our daily lives. Moreover, we will look at how will help you out in resolving various maths problems in real-world practices.

Let’s dive into it!


Without engineering, there would be no structures, vehicles, aircraft, or industries; it is the cornerstone of the contemporary world. If you wish to study Engineering at university, most programs will require A-level mathematics, and many would recommend A-level Further Mathematics, demonstrating the importance of maths in this subject. One application of fractions is in air-fuel ratios. Both air and gasoline are required to burn together within a car’s engine, but how do you determine the proper proportions? 

Do not worry as the free multiply fractions calculator will do these calculations for you in moments. 

Architecture and Set Design:

You will surely require fractions if you are building a scale model, such as in construction or set design. If your model is 1:200 scale, you’ll need to multiply the real lengths by 1/200 to obtain the model length. Another fascinating application of fractions is in filmmaking and the forced perspective approach. Martin Freeman, who plays Hobbit Bilbo Baggins in the film The Hobbit, looks to be considerably smaller than Gandalf. Now, how many fractions are their indifference among their heights, this could be determined by using subtracting fractions calculator easily. 


Mastering fractions will make calculating real-life time problems much easier. Although most individuals today use digital watches, they still refer to time infractions, quarter-hour, half-hour, and so on. What if a beautician only had 45 minutes to spend with each client, plus a half-hour lunch break? How many clients can they accommodate in an eight-hour day? Remove the half-hour and you’ll get 7 1/2 hours. We may compute 7 1/2 / 3/4=10 time slots since 45 minutes is 3/4 of an hour. In case you find these computations difficult for you, try using a free fraction calculator for this purpose. 


All scientists, particularly those working in fields like biology, will require a strong grasp of mathematics. While certain Biology and Chemistry degrees do not need A-level mathematics, they may consider an A-level mathematics certificate. It’s because these subjects will have a significant amount of arithmetic content, and students who have not completed A-level maths will need to put in additional effort to succeed. 

A GCSE level comprehension of fractions will support most ideas at this level of math, specifically when it comes to Algebra and rates of change. Rest the help can be taken through multiply fractions calculator by 

Last Words:

In this guidepost, we discussed a few of the applications of fractions and the use of  multiply fractions calculator.

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