Sugar Rush could have been a perfect movie but lacked plot consistency – A review

Personally I love Sugar Rush,  it is my favourite movie so far.  I saw it twice, consecutively!  It is funny as hell. The casts and crew were magical. The costume, makeup, settings and graphics were perfect.

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However, the movie could have been perfect if they gave due attention to  Plot consistency. The Revenge and EFCC aspects of the plot of the movie should have been explored a bit further. I think equal attention was not given to logic and Comedy, it was more of comedy than Logic. There are tons of unanswered questions in the movie. Let’s take the questions one after the other.

Who deleted the video of Adesuwa and Bisola escaping with the money 

In the course of the movie,  no explanation was offered for the missing video. We know the girls did not know someone was watching them steal the money so it could not have been them. I was expecting a corrupt EFCC  official to meet with them and ask for a cut to completely destroy the deleted video. This part should have been explored. EFCC is the most secured place in  Nigeria, according to Omoni Oboli and we did not see any explanation for the missing video.

Sugar Rush Review

What happened to the EFFC officers’ motive for joining?

The EFCC officers were given an ultimatum to apprehend the girls. And the girls persuaded them to let them go in exchange for a bigger fish, Anikulapo Fela which will be an opportunity for the officers to redeem their soiled reputation. The plan was to get evidence of Anikulapo keeping Nigeria’s national budget in his house.

Adesuwa told everyone to sleep that night and they would plan tomorrow. The “plan scene” did not happen, the next scene was Anikulapo’s party.  No plan was made on how to get the incriminating evidence against Anikulapo, in fact, we did not see the EFCC officers’ attempt to collect the evidence. It seems they only followed the girls to steal money for Toke Makinwa.

What happened to Adesuwa’s motive for agreeing to the insane plan to rob Anikulapo? 

Adesuwa Etomi mentioned getting justice for her father that was wrongfully framed by Fela Anikulapo’s father. We did not see her plot the plan on how to overthrow Anikulapo and get justice for her father. When she said “this is for my father” and aimed the gun at Anikulapo, I felt a rush of excitement, I actually thought she had made research about Anikulapo’s weakness and she was indeed going to kill him. This didn’t happen.  How is stealing Anikulapo’s money going to clear her father’s name?  It defies logic. It only reiterates the fact that stealing is in their DNA.

After the great shoot out, what happened to the two officers and Omoni Oboli? 

I do not think two junior EFCC officers who are on probation for messing a task up can strike a deal with criminals without informing their superiors so were they arrested for collaborating with criminals? Was Omoni Oboli arrested after they escaped? Were the officers praised for apprehending Omoni Oboli?

In conclusion, I think the duration of the movie should have been a bit longer. That would have given them the opportunity to address potential loopholes in the movie. Or maybe I jumped the gun and there will be a second part.


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