Survival Fund: Important Message to those who are yet to receive Confirmation Mail

If you have received the message from NYIF informing you to click a link to complete your application, then you are one step to finalizing the loan process. However so many are yet to receive the confirmation mail after validating their BVN.

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NYIF message as received by applicants reads thus:

“Dear Applicant, You have been pre-qualified for the NYIF loan programme. Kindly click on this link to apply: Thank you”

If you received that message and have completed your application by validating your BVN accordingly and you are yet to receive the confirmation mail, then be rest assured that this is a general issue.

After receiving several comments from applicants who didn’t receive the mail, we conducted a research and the outcome reveals that almost everyone who went through the process is yet to receive the mail.

According to NYIF, there will be an update as soon as the portal is fixed and have also admonished applicants to not worry and to desist from fraudsters asking for money in other to get fund disbursed to them.

However, NYIF initially confirmed that it may take up to days to receive the mail. In their words,

“Kindly validate your BVN on the NYIF portal by following the procedures below and enter your bank verification number and create your password, then submit. You are to wait for the NYIF portal to process your request which a mail with link will be sent to your email address you registered on the NYIF portal. It takes few minutes or days to receive confirmation mail, this is because the system is responding to millions of application”

So while this is a general issue, we implore all applicants to exercise patience and stay glued to their e-mail box. Kindly ensure you check your spam folders too.

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