The Highest Paid and In-demand Professions in Nigeria In 2022

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In every country, economy, and job market, certain professions are in high demand than others. These roles are usually available due to new technology or other factors, such as a shortage of skilled individuals. The growth of these professions signals a positive trend for the economy and often means greater demand and higher pay for workers with those skills.

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The Nigerian job market is no different. From the healthcare industry to engineering and tech, some professions are known for their high demand. More of these professions will rise as the economy grows and new technologies continue to disrupt old industries.

With this idea in mind, staying abreast of the latest industry trends is essential. This is because, while some professions have seen an increase in job opportunities due to these trends, other sectors have experienced a decline in demand for their services. 

This article will discuss some of Nigeria’s highest-paid and in-demand professions in 2022.

Software Developers

Technology is one sector that is constantly growing, and the entire world is now more focused than ever on utilizing technological and digital advancements. As a result, technical fields such as software development, web development, software engineering, mobile app development, cybersecurity, and other computer science-related fields are in great demand right now.

Many organizations today are looking to harness the digital world more than ever before. Many want to build websites, applications, and other computer-related tools to better their services or solve major human problems. In fact, demand for computer science expertise is not limited to Nigeria, which means that skilled persons in this field can also offer their services internationally. 

Another appealing aspect of this profession is that it does not necessitate a university degree. Individuals interested in pursuing a career in these fields can gain the necessary skills outside the classroom. Given the great demand for skilled individuals in these fields, top organizations are always looking to hire and pay handsome money to well-versed talents who can provide the services they seek.

Digital Marketers

Digital marketing is another technology-inclined field. Digital marketers assist firms and individuals in marketing their goods and services through digital resources such as social media. Their services are necessary for any sales-driven industry, including fashion, health and wellness, fitness, sports gaming, and even the betting industry. For example, betting platforms such as parimatch nigeria often require the services of a digital marketer to attract more people to use their services.

Without a doubt, the world has transitioned into a digital environment. The average person nowadays will find it difficult to cope without the internet. It is only reasonable for firms and business owners to target these digital platforms as most prospective customers are concentrated there. Hence, the high demand for digital marketers.


Although digital skills seem to be the rave in recent years, the current wave of urbanization in Nigeria makes it difficult to disregard the age-old engineering profession. Engineers in all fields have always been in demand in a developing country like Nigeria. However, due to the country’s scarcity of properly skilled workers, foreigners have always dominated the sector. This is why the Nigerian government has attempted to bridge the gap by establishing institutions to boost education in this subject.

Petroleum engineering, which comprises researching and creating techniques for extracting petroleum, is one of the best-paying sectors to consider. Marine engineers also make a good living. Their job entails designing, building, repairing, and testing water vessels. They also supervise coastline development, beaches, ports, estuaries, and offshore oil installations.

Overall, the engineering industry is diverse and is in great demand, particularly given the nation’s accelerated infrastructure development in recent years. Other high-demand and high-paying engineering fields include aeronautical engineering, which involves aircraft maintenance and other aviation-related jobs, and biomedical engineering, which specializes in the technological aspects of the health sector.


For a long time, medicine has been a high-paying profession in Nigeria. Professions in this field have also long been in high demand. However, Nigeria’s medical staff demand is slightly higher than in the past. One apparent reason is the mass emigration of many medical practitioners leaving the country to pursue greener pastures.

The medical discipline, like engineering, is also broad. Individuals pursuing a career in this sector can choose to specialize in general medicine or other high-demand fields such as neurology, gynecology, gastroenterology, virology, pathology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, surgery, etc. 

Although the medical area is lucrative, it requires a higher academic engagement than other traditional professions. A typical medical practitioner in Nigeria must have spent seven years obtaining a first degree in the discipline.


Professions in the aviation industry are less well-known than those of medical doctors, engineers, and lawyers. However, this profession is not only in high demand but also pays well. A degree from a recognized aviation school is required to pursue a career as a pilot, which will take around four years to finish.


There are many other high-in-demand and high-paying professions in Nigeria. Generally, most of these professions are localized in the technology, medical and engineering fields. Don’t forget to visit a reliable betting site like Parimatch to bet on any game of your choice. 


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