Upgrade Your ICT Knowledge, And Relate Them to Real Life

by Micheal Ace
Amazon is richer than Google. But look at it, Amazon is one, but Google has a search engine, Gmail, cloud service, Google+, blogger & so on. You can’t stay internet relevant without using or owning something that belongs to Google. But really, it’s not about how rich you are, it’s about how many people depend on you to survive.
Look at iOS (iPhone). Look at windows (Nokia), then look at android (used by almost every other smartphones. Both iOS & windows are unique but they hold different value in the market. Most times it’s not about your uniqueness alone, it’s how you brand it. Look at BBM, look at 2go, look at Viber, then look at WhatsApp. Now ask yourself, can WhatsApp ever be outdated? When building today, take the future into consideration. Use the handiest tools. You know why? Because the world is going lighter every day.


Do you know in most Nigeria higher institutions, you can study and graduate with Bsc/HND in computer science/engineering without owning a PC? Yes, that’s what we teach here. In polyibadan,  wrote and run my ND3 Java codes on paper. Don’t depend on what these schools have to offer. Grab their certificate though, because take it or leave it, you will need it someday.

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All those Zuckerberg was a dropout shit will not help you. Believe me, they all either go back to school or buy honourary degrees. School is not debatable.

You buy MTN prepared voucher (paying them though indirectly), you load it, they credit you, you use it, they take it back, they prepare you another, you buy, load and use….the cycle keeps going. You see why telecoms can never go broke? You spend their money back to them. & what do they give you? The main server of the internet is at Bell University. Now imagine if it catches fire one day and the automated backup system is affected too. You see, the world ended the day technology took its first leap into existence. Guys, you and I live in a world of uncertainties. This is why promises are foolish men’s way of redefining their folly.


From your phone to your ISP (Internet Service Provider), from them to your nearest gateway, then
from there to the internet server. Look at the level of data transmission. Yet you log in to bet9ja and start booking within seconds. Glory be to God, Glory be to gods (men). Be a god too!

Put your phone beside a working radio, now receive a call from the phone, you begin to notice some distortion in the radio sound. It’s called interference, the wave coming to your phone and that of the radio has overlapped. The world is controlled by waves…

You watch channels, you receive calls, you use remote controls, you listen to the radio, you use hotspot & WiFi….. Just like demons and satanism, the world is controlled by waves- invisible forces. Even God knows the world is devils.

By the time you realize most of the things I said here you don’t know about are stale facts, you will understand the world is beyond WhatsApp, opera mini and Facebook lite.

Upgrade your ICT knowledge, & relate them to real life, drawing a conclusion.

Learn from every damn thing.


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