Published: We Will Be Fine: An Anthology of hope

It is always good to see ‘ hope ‘ in everything. That’s why for every negative circumstances or period, there is always a positive one ahead of it.

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 Take for example, for every terrible night — full of darkness and chaos, there is always hope for beautiful dawn. And for every dry season — full of hunger and famine, there is always a rainy season ahead.

We Will Be Fine: An Anthology of hope

Therefore, every dark moment won’t remain the same. There is always a space for hope and healing. That is the reason why — as a fighter who is fighting the battle of life — you should not give up! Because there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

To further preach the gospel of hope, the Anthology of hope, edited by Yekeen Habeeb Olayide and published by ACEworld Publishers is recommended for everyone.

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Title: We Will Be Fine (An Anthology of Hope)
Description: Edited by Yekeen Habeeb Olayide
Publisher: ACEworld Publishers
Date of Release: 19th June 2020


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