(A pro-inter-tribal relationship)
Germane to the search for broth ingredients and spices
By an housewife,
I have searched and found a desired companion.
One whose meek and mild smile
Could unlock futuristic bliss.
As Gaddafi was found seeking succor
In the belly of culvert;
I have found the March for my future.
Have you been apprised that the moon and the sun
Wish to book for seats at the front line of our joining?
The rodents within have told it to the ears
Of the rodents without that our joining will be stunning.
Shoes now catechise the road on the path that
Would lead to our merging together.
The only words the deaf now decode is,
“Esther and Hassan share intimacy.”
And the words the mutes voice is,
“Hassan loves Esther. ”
Papa said to me,
“Hassan, don’t bring home a lady who is not
Of the same religion and race with you as fiancée.”
Esther, my love!
Why are you not a Muslim?
Why must you be a Christian?
Why has God created you an Ibo?
Why must he alter my affection by not creating you an Hausa?
How I wish I could rise from your bosom diurnally.
How I wish we could birth progenies together.
How I wish my name could transform yours.
How I wish Providence has destined us together.
Esther, my queen!
I would miss your smile that liberates me
From the fast claws of worry.
I would miss your gentle caress
That softens my hard heart from fury.
Why were you not dropped as an Hausa?
If I had known;
I would not have visited this terrain through my race and familial religion.
If I had seen the future,
I would have changed fate.
Would our mutualities know bound and limitation here?
Tell me why we should not elope.
Tell me why the moon and the sun
Should not leave their abodes
To witness and chairman our nuptials.
Why must the road not direct the shoes
To our welding and wedding forum?
Can you spit it with no stutter;
Why we should not pay gametes in purchase of offsprings?
My queen!
Does your Scripture not tell you of the merger
Of Adam and Eve, void of parental benison,
But full of divine benediction?
Let us elope, my love.
God’s downpour of benediction
Has drenched this mutuality.
Rip me off this fetter and cuff.
Liberate me to follow my path. Spare me your notion and conviction.
The gakekeeper of Sheol will welcome a soul.

Fawole Immanuel Taiwo
© Penning The Penable

Originally posted 2015-12-15 14:11:05.

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