Wives need cane

Wives need cane!!!

If her words pierce you sharp,
and her tongue won’t retract,
then pull in your huge hands,
and fiercely strike her hard.

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If goats defy men with prides,
we expects more less of animals.
What do we now say of women,
that egotize in rights with men?.

Males make done and undone,
so enfeeble your dumb affronts.
When your larynx words in flame,
then raging men pull out canes.

They see masculine muscles grow,
outgrowing the tissues of arms,
still you hear wives’ muse bolts
Bolting boldly in daring hearts.

And for tense fear of submission,
women detest wedding gowns,
for the aftermath is “keeping mute”
when husband anger beep flutes.

Should we be laced in shoes of ‘she’
so Adams will be ribbed from Eves.
For you deny the defeat of times,
and seek no more title of ‘wife’

I’m confused, wait!!!,
Do wives really need cane?

Micheal Ace

Originally posted 2016-02-06 03:04:09.

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