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Ajọ Enyi by Izunna Okafor


Author’s Full Name: Izunna Okafor

Book Title: Ajọ Enyi

ISBN: 978-978-485-455-6

Publisher’s Name: Pona Publishers

Book Category: Novel

Category: Tags: , ,


Ajo Enyi is a fictional Igbo novel, which was partially set in a core village of Umuezike and a developed city of Lagos.

Using a fictional genre approach, it portrays the quintessential image of the African Literature and tells a story a boy named Ifeanyi who was deceived by his chronic childhood friend called Ifenna.

Ifenna’s influence and deceptive trait-character blinded Ifeanyi to the extent that he finally made him drop out of school when he was in the final echelon of the secondary education, because he himself was rusticated from the school due to his mischievous lifestyle. So, he made Ifeanyi quit school so they could fly to Lagos where they could make fast money, rather than staying in the school and dissipating his valuable time.

This they did, by robbing their parents of a whooping some of money, thinking that was the best option for them.

There in the city, so many things happened and so many scenarios occurred.

Could they make it? What actually happened? To what did they venture?


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