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Beauty of Failure Anthology


The literary world is gradually breeding rebels with the increase in the numbers of beautifully crafted rejection mails being sent out to creative writers daily, mostly without stated reasons. Many writers have dropped their pen. Some more are out there seeking other ways to validity. This anthology is simply the mirror to the fire burning within these poets, and also a revelation of what’s to come.

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The Beauty of Failure is a collection of poems that address failure from a multidimensional perspective. While none of the poet denies the impact of failure, they argue strongly to learn from it, turning it to motivation for success.

These are poems of hope, choice, selfacceptance and pursuit of greatness. While they are not a cure to depression, these poems make the case for an alternative to depression and suicidal ideation due to failed dreams.

I invite the reader to explore each poem one at a time, as this collection holds timely truths that will always be applicable no matter the challenge in life. Remember, to fail is human, to prevail is choice!


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