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Poetry: The Subtle Voice Of God by Owoade Jamiu Oladapo


Title: Poetry: The Subtle Voice Of God
Author: Owoade Jamiu Oladapo
Year of Publication: 2020
ISBN: 978-978-57691-9-1
File Size (on disk): 1.15mb
File Type: PDF

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Poetry: The subtle voice of God captures multitude of themes as they affect human lives with its multiple sidedness.

Socio-cultural, political, economical, religious and educational issues have been intermingled or intertwined so logically that none can afford to fault his poetic pictorial drawings of many of the issues he chased to entertain potential readers with.

In summary, aside from the earlier remarks, you would benefit a lot from the poetic thoughts of Owoade Jamiu Oladapo because his poems also touched on gender balancing, without neglecting sermonic literary works on issues that were life threatening but not hopes dashing.


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