Why should you host your books with us? It’s simple. Let’s go through the benefits- you know, what you stand to gain, and… lose (if any)!

ACEworld Bookstore was basically launched to promote books published via our publishing packages at ACEworld Publishers. But as things and time unfold, we discovered we need to extend our services to books from neighboring publishers and authors who aren’t even on our catalogue.

On this note, we are offering authors, publishers and e-book marketers an opportunity to host their books and earn from our wide range of audience.


Here is a list of what you stand to gain by hosting your e-books with us.

1. Free Hosting: We offer free storage space for your books

2. Sales Page: Each book will have their specified sales page containing descriptions, reviews and ratings left by customers and readers.

3. Lifetime Promotion: We have a magazine of over 15,000 subscribers and over 300,000 monthly views (Google Analytics). Books will be picked at random and advertised daily, for a lifetime.

4. 100% Sales Control: If you already have your books on marketplaces like Amazon, Okadabooks etc, then it’s all good news because we will only redirect interested buyers to these pages to purchase your books without interference. This way, your earnings are yours and yours alone!

  • If you don’t have your books on these platforms, we can help you upload them if requested (at a little charge).
  • If you want to sell your books directly, we will create a customized WhatsApp button for you so buyers can contact you directly (on WhatsApp) to pay and access your books.
  • If your book(s) will be available for free downloads, then readers can access them with a single click.

5. Analytics: If requested, we will provide you details of impressions, ratings and downloads your books have garnered overtime).

How to start

Ready to start with us? please send a mail to [email protected] or send a WhatsApp message/Call 08072349777 or click here. Our shop manager will be live and ready to attend to you.

Ready to read more about us? Click here.