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ACEworld’s 2023 Wrap-Up: a Year Full of Optimizations & Upgrades

It’s another season to take a review of yet another productive year. Year 2023 was very busy for us, however, we were able to records groundbreaking highlights.

2023 for ACEworld Publishers was a year full of optimizations and upgrades on existing projects including exciting updates, and more!

As such, it is only right to dedicate a proper ode to this era before we bid it farewell. So without further ado, let us enter a time-lapse and flip back to all the exciting happenings of this past year!

Future Syllabus

Future Syllabus 2023 Report

On Future Syllabus, we hit the 5,000 enrolments target with a record of 3,113 new enrolments in the last 365 days of the year.

Updates in 2023

Stats for 2023

  • 1,160 new students
  • 3,113 new enrolments
  • 17 new courses
  • 109 new reviews
  • Nigeria, United States and India as top 3 countries.

Latest Opportunities

Latest Opportunities 2023 reports

We improved the user experience and interface on Latest Opportunities with additional features to make opportunities accessible to everyone.

Updates in 2023

Stats for 2023

  • 1,283 new published opportunities
  • 318 ad slots
  • 30 new blog posts
  • 2,462 new subscribers
  • 1,293 total downloads
  • Nigeria, United States and China as top 3 countries.

ACEworld Magazine

ACEworld Magazine 2023 reports

Midyear in 2023, we moved all opportunities from ACEworld Magazine totally to Latest Opportunities. At this moment, only jobs are published on the magazine.

Updates in 2023

  • Moved opportunities finally to

Stats for 2023

  • 704 new posts
  • Nigeria, United States and United Kingdom as top 3 countries.

Latest Hiring

Latest Hiring 2023 Report

Latest hiring has undergone several changes over the past 12 months. In 2024, we are starting out the implementation of jobs on the platforms. There is also a possibility of rolling out a full-fledge job board. This, however, is a possibility without an ETA.

ACEworld Publishers

ACEworld Publishers 2023 Report

ACEworld Publishers as under Self-Assisted Publishing (SAP), Bookstore and SAP Addons has recorded quite a number of achievements in the year under review, some of which are listed below.

Updates in 2023

Stats for 2023

  • 12 new books published
  • 35 customers, 39 orders.

Expectations for the Future

In 2024, we are looking at implementing new products, and also optimizing existing ones for better outcomes and profit. Some of our plans include

  • Moving job updates to Latest Hiring
  • Acquiring new students and instructors on Future Syllabus
  • Publishing new free and paid courses on Future Syllabus
  • Publishing new opportunities and acquiring new subscribers on Latest Opportunities.
  • Focusing more on Business, Career, and Educational news on ACEworld Mag.
  • and more.

Wrapping up

All good things must come to an end, and the hour has come to bid the year farewell for the final time!

As they say, the end of a path only makes way for the start of a new one, so sit back and keep an eye out for what the future holds for ACEworld!

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